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We, ALL DEVICE CORPORATION (former company name: ALL SENSORS ASIA PACIFIC), can cover world wide area,especially ASIA area. 

All Sensors`prseeure sensors are ideal solutions for Medical,Industrial Automation,HVAC,and Aerospace applications.All Sensors is your source for low pressure,high accuracy,and repeatable pressure sensing solutions. 


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Mass Airflow Sensors  PMF2000 Series

The PMF2000 series of Mass Airflow Sensors incorporate the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. 
Data sheet PMF2000

Mass Airflow Sensors PMF4000 Series

The PMF4000 series of Mass Air Flow Sensors from the ground up,incorporating the lates MEMS and microelectronics innvations. 
Data sheet PMF4000

Mass Airflow Sensors PMF5000 PMF6000 Series

The PMF5000/6000 series of Mass Air Flow Sensors from the ground up,the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations
 Data sheet PMF5000 /6000

Screw-In Transmitter LMK331 LMP331

The screw-in transmitter LMK 331/LMP331has been especially designed for level and process measurement and is suitable for pressure measurement of liquids, oils and gases. 
Data sheet LMK/LMP 331

 Load Cell  TOYO SOKKI


ASAPAC had concluded a sales contract distribution with TOYO SOKKI for thier `Load Cell` in Asia Pacific area. We are working hard to expand overseas business with thier superior technologies.
  Load Cell Data Sheets